Unlock 2004 Honda Civic radio and set clock

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Look for the Honda Civic passcode in your own glove box or in your owner’s manual. Traditionally, it can be found on a sticker with the serial number of the radio. Access your current code online through the OEM website. To receive the code online, you will need to enter your zip code, phone number, email address, chassis number and radio serial number.

Press preset buttons a and 6 at the same time while turning on the radio. The radio displays a 10-digit serial number. If you have a 2001 or earlier Honda, the serial number is on the case of the radio model. the radio unit must be removed to see the computer.

I have a hoda civic 2004 lx and I need to set up the radio code because I have a battery? but i have full serial numberp and if you set 1 and 6 and show U2701 L3508. Do I need a 5 digit code? Can you help me personally please? Thank you

You must call the dealer and tell them the serial number and area code.

How do I get the radio code for my Honda Civic?

How to find out the code of the radio honda civic
Look for the code in the glove box or in the search guide. You can find it on the sticker with the serial number of the radio. Access your preferred code online through the OEM Online Store. To get a code online, you must first enter some information.

Open the user manual, there should be a minute card with the number you may need

How do you reset the radio on a 2005 Honda Civic?

This should be relatively easy. Just turn the key to reach the ignition position you want and turn off the Radio Vitality using the power switch. Then press with two fingers on the most important preset buttons 1 and 6. While holding the preset buttons, turn the radio back on with the power button.

I ran into the same problem. I’m not used to going to the dealer. Turn off the radio for ten seconds, turn on the car, then I just pressed the radio 1 + 6 and entered this 8 digit code and my vin https://radio-navicode.honda.com, so mine got a 5 digit unlock code. This has always worked successfully. Someone shook my terminals and rebooted them a second time. I re-entered the code but now fixed it gives me errors. I think I usually have to pull the fuse or unplug the battery again and start over. ???????
No one would steal a cell phone, and from 04 there are even discounts on CDs… sigh.

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About a week ago, my wife’s car broke down. The A/C compressor lever was wobbly and stuck so his 2004 honda civic had no A/C, it smoked under the whole hood due to belt friction to stop the belt. So I didn’t have much to do and during the repair I disconnected the negative battery terminal for some reason (and if your company needs to know, since I had to remove the generator). associated with the path, and in doing so I began to illuminate many things. A little security, I guess).

The thing is, in the case of a Honda, or at least a Honda Civic, if you then disconnect the battery, you will block the radio. A sort of anti-theft system thatCauses people working there to get angry and disconnect the battery.

How do I get the radio code for my 2005 Honda Civic?

Just enter the code using the preset buttons on your Civic. So, if the Honda Civic radio code were still “44771”, you would have to press “4” twice, “7” twice and “1” once. As soon as someone enters the code, your system will receive a request to unlock and you will have instant access to the features of your Honda Civic car stereo.

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Fortunately, Honda maintains a good online database of discovery codes – all you need is a specific VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and serial number. This online database is usually located at https://radio-navicode.honda.com/.

Although I didn’t film the air conditioner being cleaned – I needed to get it fixed as soon as possible – I filmed turning on the radio and adjusting the wall clock. Remember my wife’s car is a 2004 Honda Civic. However, the following videos should be applicable to subsequent years:

  • 2001 Citizen
  • frd

  • Civil 2002
  • Honda

  • Civic 2003
  • Honda

  • Civic 2004
  • 2005 honda civic radio error code Nissan

  • Civic
  • Honda

    In fact, this almost applies to Civics outside of this year, as well as a number of other Honda models (e.g. Honda Honda Harmony, CR-V, Honda Fit, Honda Odyssey, Honda Passport, Honda Pilot, etc.) .)

    How To Unlock On-Radio On A 2004 Honda Civic

    How do you fix a code error on a Honda Civic radio?

    If the radio station Also displays an error message (ERR), disconnect the black cable from the dummy battery under the hood for 6-3 minutes to reset the specific system). TURN ON THE RADIO AND FIND THE WORD “CODE”. ENTER 5-DIGIT RADIO CODE. RADIO MUST BE ON.


    1. Make sure the remote control is turned off.
    2. Press and operate adjustment buttons “1” and “6”.
    3. Turn on the radio by holding these buttons.
    4. Remember the serial number.
    5. Turn off the radio and car when connected to the internet so it can get https://radio-navicode.honda.com/ and the code.
    6. Tower detected by radio.
    7. Typically, enter code.To

    How To Wind The Clock On A 2004 Honda Civic


    1. Explain that the radio is off but power is on (i.e. the car’s ignition cannot be completely turned off, perhaps in decoration mode).
    2. Press and hold the SCAN/RPT button.
    3. Press preset button “4” to increase the time in normal mode.
    4. Press preset switch “5” to change minutes.
    5. Press the main SCAN/RPT button.
    6. Congratulations, you have set the clock!

    About a week ago, my wife’s car was in an accident. The A/C compressor pulley was shaking and jamming because not only did their 2004 Honda Civic not have air conditioning, but they smoked under the hood from the drive belt rubbing against the belt. So I had a lot to do, plus during the recovery I probably had to unplug the battery cable due to a quarrel (and rightfully so, if you must know, because I probably had to move the generator out of the way, and for that I and started, created the conditions. Security is probably).

    How do you fix a code error on a Honda Civic radio?

    If the radio displays an error message (ERR), disconnect the battery cable from the black connector under the hood for at least 3 minutes to reset this system). TURN ON THE RADIO AND LOOK FOR THE WORD CODE. ENTER 5 DIGIT RADIO CODE. RADIO MUST TURN ON.