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So I have a problem with Proliant385 Server g1. I’ve already removed all secure connections (IDE cables) and replaced the entire board that the plug-in is connected to. Update firmware and current hard drive controllers. I got another error message: “A disk check error has occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to help reboot.

I press the keys and it returns to the same place. I logically have a wide range of 1+0 drives, #1 with 4 powerful drives in a raid, and another drive (#2) with only 2 hard drives.

hainbenitezhuerta wrote:

Ok, much longer, shorter… This hosting server has never been down. An error occurred and the user’s computer froze, so I restarted it and the error occurred. So I change that drive and another drive automatically rebuilds it, but keep that in mind. So the two “original” USB sticks broke, and I had to replace the strap because the second CD, meant to restore the new blank drive.Well, it also turned out to be with a useful error.

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