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How to delete and clear bing search history

Bing is a popular search engine which comes with windows explorer as well as Microsoft Edge and many people use this search engine all over the world. Bing has a friendly user-interface that help you track and manage all past searched items Bing stores the data as well as website that is being searched in the past. Bing allows users to log with their Microsoft account credentials and you can easily track the search history and manage it.

Still, many users aren’t aware about how to delete & clear Bing search history. This article will show you how to do it the easy way.

Firstly let us understand how to view Bing history. Follow the steps given below to view Bing history

Click on- Sign in option and sign in to your Microsoft account using your id and password.

You can also click on the menu that exists on the right hand side top corner to get a list of options where you can see the option search history.

Click- Search history to check the history

Now you find the button – Search history along with other applications that you can access easily on Bing.

Now you will get the list of all the keywords and websites searched in Bing history can upon click a particular link you will be direct to that page

After you have learnt how to view history in Bing, we will discuss about how to delete and clear Bing history.

Now that you know where to find out the history option from you can easily click on clear tabs and then delete the recent data and you will see that all the date gets deleted. Still, in case you are not aware about how to access history and watch it then you can follow the steps given above and then follow the steps given below

Click – Clear all – to delete the history

In case you press the search history option again you will be redirected to the options where you can view the history and then clear all options will help you clear the history.

You can manage your data as Bing history can be easily managed on cloud which allows you to access the data on different devices too. The steps will help you understand how easy it is to delete and clear Bing history.

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