How to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft always want to improve their products and serve the best to their users but sometimes their products fails to compete against the other similar products from other company. For example Internet Explorer was flagship browser for Microsoft windows from decades but after google had launched chrome and Mozilla introduced their web browser Firefox it became very hard for internet explorer to stand in competition against them. So in their new operating system Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced their new flagship browser Microsoft Edge. In this new web browser Microsoft has made exceptional improvements in their web browser’s GUI(Graphical User Interference) but somehow it is creating problems for some users to understand it and use it who were previously using Internet explorer or any other browser.

So if you’ve recently upgraded your operating system to Windows 10 and currently using Microsoft Edge as your default web browser and wondering how to see your browsing history or how to delete them then today in this step by step guide we will guide you to that process.

First we will look how to see your browsing history.

Step 1:-

Open Microsoft Edge

there are three ways to open it

(1) On the taskbar you will see Microsoft Edge icon. Click on it to open.

(2) Open start menu and look for Microsoft Edge and click on it to open

But if you do not find it there then look for all apps click on it and there you will find Microsoft Edge select it and open it.

Microsoft edge

(3) Click on “the web and windows” search bar and type “Micro” and you will find “Microsoft Edge” at top of the search result list. Click on it to open.

Now after opening the Microsoft Edge now we will see how to view and/or delete them.

Step 1:-

After opening the Microsoft Edge look at the top right you will see Hub icon which looks like three horizontal parallel lines (≡). Click on it to open Hub bar which will look like this


Step 2:-

After opening the Hub menu you will see four icons which are for favourites,bookmarks,history and downloads. As we need to access our browsing history you have to click on history icon which looks like clock. As you click on history icon you will see your browsing history.

Here you will see all your browsing history sorted by the time you visited that page. You can access those webpages by clicking on the link shown in this history.

Now we will see how to delete these web browsing history.

There are two ways you can delete your browsing history as per your needs.

(1) Delete the web browsing history by session if you want to delete only specific portion of time of browsing from your web browsing history.

To delete the browsing data as per your browsing time click on the (×) icon right next to the browsing section tou want to delete. This will remove all the websites history data that you had surf during that mentioned time.

(2) Delete whole browsing history including browsing history,cookies and saved website data,cached data and files,download history,form data and passwords.

To clear all your browser’s history and web pages first click on the “Clear all history” option which is located at right top corner of the History tab very next to the header tag “History“. After clicking on that option you will able to see various options which you want to delete like browsing history,cookies and saved website data,cached data and files,download history,form data and passwords. Tick on options you want to delete and then click on the option “Clear” which is located at the very bottom left corner of the tab.

This will clear all the “Microsoft Edge’s” data which you’ve selected.

Hope this guide helped you to solve all your queries about “How to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge”