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How To Change Ringtone In Windows 10 Mobile

It has always been an important prospect in choosing what we want to hear when we receive calls, messages, or alerts which produce a ringtone or sound on our mobile phones. Smart phones made it easier to select ringtones of choices but it is tricky to set any favourite ringtone that is not pre-installed on Windows 10 mobile phone. No worries, in this short tutorial, we will demonstrate simple ways to import ringtones and more related sound or music files into our Windows 10 mobile, and also how to set them as default ringtone.

By default, mobile phones come with a number of pre-installed ringtones, which are very limited and nobody wants to use them. From the evolution of mobile phones, the new feature was introduced as RINGTONE, where user can select the ringtone of their choice instead of listening to boring default ringtones or tring-tring.

Here are the few simple methods which can be used or implemented in order to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile.

  1. Changing ringtone in Windows 10 mobile phone with the help of pre-loaded/pre-installed ringtones-

 If you want one of the preloaded ringtones as your ringtone just follow the simple steps mentioned, Go to Settings > Personalization > Sound > Click on the “Ringer” option and you will see all the preloaded Windows 10 phone ringtones. If you want you can use any of the Windows mobile pre-loaded ringtone as your default ringtone.

  1. Change Ringtone in your Windows 10 mobile phone with the help of your PC/Laptop.

– To transfer the music or sound files from your PC into your Windows 10 mobile phones, connect the mobile with the PC.

– Once the phone is connected wait for few seconds so that Windows 10 drivers can get installed on the PC or Laptop.

– Now go to My Computer or This PC depending on the OS used and your phone icon can be seen there.

– Double click on the phone icon and go to the ringtones folder. All preloaded ringtones are present in this folder.

– Now select you favourite ringtone from the PC/Laptop you want to have as your ringtone, and paste it in the ringtone folder.

– Again follow the Steps mentioned in method 1, and you will come out successfully setting your favourite tone as your ringtone.

  1. Changing Ringtone in Windows 10 mobile phone via Windows Phone App-

 These apps are pre-installed in Windows 10 mobile phones, and if it is missing just download it from Windows App Store (Ringtone Maker App)

– With the help of this app user can make free ringtones of their desire.

– For this User need to open the app and select the song of the choice.

– After selecting the song, move the pointers and crop the song, which need to be set as ringtone.

– Once the cropping is done, and user is satisfied, select save Option and the process is over, and this new tone can be used as ringtone for Windows 10 mobile phones.

  1. Changing Ringtone by downloading it from Internet with Windows 10 mobile phone-

The simplest method to change ringtone in Windows 10 mobile phones is by downloading the ringtones from the Open source i.e. Internet. It doesn’t require any ringtone maker app or any other application to get the ringtones. For this user need to go to the browser and type “Ringtones download for Windows 10 mobile phone” or any similar matching keyword, this will offer many websites on which ringtones for Windows 10 are available. User can download the ringtone of their choice and can set them as default ringtone for Windows 10 mobile phones.


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