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How to change screen resolution in windows 10

Microsoft has launched their new operating system with new eye catching animations and GUI(Graphical User Interference) unlike their previous version like Windows XP,Windows vista and Windows 7 which users found really boring accordance to their looks and GUIs this new Windows 10 comes with great new modifications in terms of its look and smooth transition animations. But you have to set proper screen resolution of your computer to get complete experience of new windows 10.

First lets talk about screen resolution. Screen resolution is a thing that manages appearance of your display and display properties like display content and images etc. Eventually windows has its own default display settings for which are basic settings that enables operating system and other pre installed apps or apps that you had installed in it but if you are pro user or gamer or doing any work which is related to graphics then you really want to set higher screen resolution in order to get best viewing experience. Higher screen resolution also helps operating system to enable perfect and smooth transition animation which you can see while opening and closing apps and also while multitasking on your computer.

So today in this post we will see

How to set or change screen resolution in Windows 10.

Step 1:-

First reach to your desktop and then right click on any space of your desktop. You will find one tab opened up in that tab look for option “Display settings” which will be located under the option “New”. Now click on option “Display settings” to open it.



Step 2:-

After clicking on “Display settings” new window will open named as “settings”. Now here look for option “Advanced display settings which is located at bottom right corner of the settings window.




After clicking on “Advanced display setting” a new window will open and here you will see different options like resolution,Colour Calibration,ClearType text,Advanced sizing of text and other items.But first lets first focus on resolution option to make changes in your screen resolution. To get started click on “resolution” option which is first one in the window.


After clicking on “Resolution” a new scrolling tab will open that will show all available Resolutions which are available. We Strongly recommend that you choose the maximum one that is available and supported by your Graphics processor(GPU) which will display on top and first in the scrolling tab. Select it and click “Apply”. After clicking on it you will see a new tab of “Keep these display settings” which will look like this.


This tab will only give you 15 seconds to save screen resolution settings that you have made so click on “Keep changes” to save your current screen resolution settings.

If you only able to see 1280×768 which is default one which is preset by windows and not any above that then only one possibility is there that you have not installed your Graphics processor driver or in other words your display adapter driver which is very much essential. If you don’t know which display adapter or graphics is installed in your pc and how to get suitable driver software for it then just scroll down we will guide you through that how to detect your graphics processor and get a proper driver for it.

First of all follow Step 1 and Step 2 to reach the “Advanced display setting” window and after reaching that window look for the “Display adapter properties” which is located at end of the list of all settings at right bottom of the tab.


After Clicking on “Display adapter properties” you will see new opened which one is containing all information about your Display driver or you can say Graphics processor. Usually Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Asus and Gigabyte are leading Graphics Processor companies as in my computer it is Intel HD Graphics 3000 is installed.


In your case your Graphics Processor Unit(GPU) might be from one of the companies listed above but you can check it with this and after knowing your GPU manufacturer company you can visit its website and can download appropriate driver software for it.

So now we hope that this guide has really helped you throughout about “

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