How to Clear the Windows Update Cache and Restore It

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Clearing the Windows Update removes old update files and downloads awesome update files from the Microsoft Internet. And fix windows update installation error due to recycle bin update file.

If you are facing the same issues with Windows Updates on Windows 10 operating system, then clearing the Windows Update Cache will do a great job of fixing Windows Update errors (Windows Update stuck while searching for updates, Windows Update stuck while preparing to run updates, or Windows Update stuck Windows). hangs at 0%) on g windows

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Microsoft has provided shortcuts for direct access to all Control Panel settings. Shortcuts These should also launch any settings you use regularly. These shortcuts are also very useful if your Start Menu is not working or if a malware infection is allowing you to access the Manage Your Panel options.

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Right-click the freest space on your computer and select New, Shortcut. Enter the internal URL from the list below, then click Next. Now enter any username for the current shortcut and click Finish.

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If you are creating multiple shortcuts, you can change the default icon Although it’s a name, it’s immediately recognizable: right-click on the new shortcut and choose “Properties”. Click the “Web Document” tab, then click for “Icon” editing. You must be confident enough to find the icon that is meant for you.

If you decide later that your company no longer needs the shortcut, right-click it and select Delete.

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Battery werbung Saver> ms-settings:batterysaver Only present on devices that require a battery, such as tablets

Battery Implemented > ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetails Only available on battery powered devices like this tablet

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  • How to uninstall programs not listed in Control Panel
  • How to add the Registry Editor to the Windows Control Panel
  • System Configuration (Msconfig) added to Control Panel
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  • How to create a shortcut to Control Panel in Windows Windows 10

    in 10 at the moment you can find and change your settings in several ways: Settings app, app control panel, Settings, etc. Search.

    You can use the Control Panel to change Windows settings. These processes control almost everything about how Windows looks and works, and you can use them to customize Windows the way you want.

    This guide shows you how to successfully create or download a patch that always shows up either in the Control Panel, or in the icon category, or in Windows 10.

    EXAMPLE: category control panel and accordingly small/large icons loading=”lazy”



    OPTION 1 Download

    To The Click/Tap Configuration Panel


    on the download button below to download


    file for the desired shortcut.





    .Save the file to your desktop.

    3 Unlock the

    How do I clear all cache on my computer?

    .zip file..Open


    ZIP file and


    and delete) (drag the shortcut to your laptop.


    How do I fix Windows Update cache?

    To clear the update cache, go to the folder – C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.
    Press CTRL+A and press Delete to delete all files and folders.

    You can

    Pin to taskbar


    Anchor at the beginning of

    , add

    All before application

    , add

    Quick start


    Assign a hotkey

    or leave this hotkey where you want to use it.


    When you’re done, you can delete

    image if desired.

    OPTION 2

    To Create A Shortcut For The Control Panel

    How do I clear all cache on my computer?

    On your device, open Chrome.
    Click “More” in the top right corner.
    Click More Tools. Clear Doing Research data.
    Please select a period above. To clear everything, select All.
    Check the boxes next to “Cookies and other global website data” and “Cached images and related files”.
    Click Clear Data.


    Right-click and hold on an empty space on the desktop, and then simply clickclick/tap






    Copy and paste below the location you want to use, in the click/tap location section, and then


    .(see screenshot below)

    (Open the control panel in the last view you used)


    (Always exe

    Shell %windir%\explorer.exe:::26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683


    (Always open the panel in the Text View control)

    Shell %windir%\explorer.exe:::21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D


    How do I clear cache on windows10?

    Simultaneously press the Ctrl, Shift and Del/Delete keys on the piano keyboard.
    Select “All Time” or “All for Period”, make sure “Cache” or “Cached Images and Files” is selected, then click only the “Clear Data” button.


    Enter a panel name and click/tap


    button. (see below)

    You can name this shortcut whatever your family wants.


    Right click or press and hold on the new shortcut and then

    Properties< click/tapp>.


    Click/tap to execute

    Associate a

    with a tab, then click/tap the shift plus

    Destination character button (see screenshot below)


    In “Search for a string of characters in a file” copy this situation and paste the following location, press And they


    . Capture (see screenshot below)



    Select png?s=c3928927132f2d1f7906e3dc015bf7c0″, the asterisk highlighted in blue above which you press/type forward

    Okay. Screenshot (see above)

    You would certainly use the character you prefer instead.




    . (see screenshot below

    Step 5



    You can

    Pin to

    Pin tasks

    panel actually add start


    All applications

    , go to

    Quick Launch


    Assign a big

    shortcut or move all keyboard shortcuts to whereyou don’t want to use them easily.

    It’s loading loading,

    How To Use The Panel Control Shortcut


    Click/tap the download button below to view how

    download.Postal code





    Pin to taskbar
    All applications
    Fast start
    assign keyboard, keyboard shortcut

    , move this to a label where it can be easily used.

    .Postal code




    How To Create A Control Panel Shortcut


    How do I fix Windows Update cache?

    Right-click or press and hold on an empty area of ​​the desktop and click/tap



    Copy and paste the location below that you might want to use in the Places section and click/tap

    How do I clear cache on windows10?

    How do I fix the Windows Store cache?

    On your keyboard, press the Windows key for the custom logo theme and type En r at the same time, then type wsreset.exe and/or press Enter.
    Wait for the Windows Store cache reset process to complete.
    after the windows are opened.