Metasequoia species, Dawn Redwood

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Okay, I’ve wanted a Don Redwood for years. I doubt this idea because I have some concerns.

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The only place where you can easily hang trees of any size is stilllocated in my narrow area. This lot can be 30 feet wide from my driveway right up to the lot line. There is also a sidewalk bordering each roadway.

The first question is: how far from the roadway or sidewalk should this cedar be planted in order to preserve it after damage?

Second question: after looking at the water and gas lines that usually run somewhere on the site, I don’t always know exactly where they go, even if it’s worth calling the electricity to find out where a particular tree species is?

Question 3: The neighbor’s house, which is located on this site, is facing north. A mahogany could have blocked the morning light in this courtyard. Is it wrong to plant a tree that can sully the morning sky of your main neighbor?

Metasequoia Glyptostroboides


Water requirement:

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Constantly juicy soil is required; don’t let it dry out between watering



Foliage color:




Where does it grow? :


Flower color:

Blossom properties:

Flower size:


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Soil pH requirements:

Patent information:

Delivery methods:

Seeds of seeds:

Let the pods harden on the plant; started collecting seeds


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September 1, 2019 Randy Allen of the White House, Tennessee wrote:

The study and the beginning of the species since 1967.
In 1967, I regularly observed and studied one of the first sunrise sequoias planted in the United States. The Vanderbilt seeds were donated to the University of Nashville, one of which was planted outside my house in the late 1940s. Even this 1967 tree was over 60 feet, even though we haven’t been brought to the United States for only a few decades.

Then since I went to college and grew up a lot in Tennessee. My tallest dr is now approaching an impressive 90ft 3ft dbh. I have the following five in my estate arboretum ( Two types of Goldrush/Ogon. Give me a floorMy sun and therefore a place to grow. If you are growing a single specimen tree, cut off branches above hip height. Likes moist, well-drained soil, like most trees. Favorite part of the North Slope… look for more in Tennessee.
My reports and courses over 50 years show that in TN, on average good to good, you should expect this growth rate >
1 to 15 years = maximum 2 to 3.5 inches per year,
16 to 25 years old = 2 inches to reach a maximum of 2.5 inches per year,
26 years to accompany you 40 = maximum 1-1.5 minutes per year,
Years 41 to 40 = approximately 1 foot per year,
Then the corresponding discount for future years.
If you are looking for extreme support and a modified base with lower limb dominance, height may be less than what is listed on my chart.
I have posted some charts of some of my favorite traditional DR TN averages. The largest DR I placed next to your current stump was severely lacerated about ten years ago, leaving a real scar almost on the ground. But he was not localized everywhere, so he healed and never replacedate his height. Since 2000, she has produced a variety of offspring in the nearby forest. It’s flawless.
I love this prehistoric tree. Tons of redwood Fossils have been discovered in North America. We know that it existed during the time of the dinosaurs. I recently bought a great DR fossil from the USA.
Randy Allen


December 28, 2018 Pshaner from Springtown, Texas wrote:

In the spring of 2018, a very dry year, I planted amazing 12-inch seedlings near my pond in North Texas. The wood added nearly 3 feet of canker in less than a year. The deer then grabbed the tree due to rutting season before they caged it and I admit it stopped the growth of all the trees although it still looks quite nutritious today. They should certainly be quite hardy and easy to grow so far. I assume the trees will grow well next to my pond and relatives in very thick red clay soil in North Texas. I am also restoring 6 Montezuma cypresses from another family,Who have been doing very well for 2 years now. A slope of several feet has been added, as well as buttresses between the trunks.


June 16, 2017 Purplesuit from Front Royal, VA wrote:

Planted 10 years ago at the end of a driveway next to a rain flower to collect water. It grew to the diameter of a boot at the base and was completely tall (30 feet?). I add an acid-loving plant fertilizer to the soil.

But the sun is important, it should be able to grow less than in full light, but it will be crooked because in that particular shady side it will grow less than in a sunny location. Therefore, choose a plant with the most even sunlight and the highest possible humidity.


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May 28, 2017 by TulipPolar84 from Plant City, Florida wrote:

A few years ago I harvested my Dawn Redwood from a small, bare-rooted plant.

Although, like other Florida growers, he budded late (usually in May), he hasn’t had a death since.Not only summer leaf scorch.

It has grown about 6 feet in the last 3 years here in Plant City and is a particularly handsome specimen.