Unable to upgrade from 8.73 to 9.2 (Windows).

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This maintenance can be caused by missing runtime components of the Visual C++ Libraries or problems with the PC software. I would suggest if you need to try a clean boot and see if you can install. Clean boot helps you check if any third party app services other than the startup item are causing this dilemma.

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Why do I keep getting a runtime error?

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This issue has been known to occur on Windows 10 systems updated to version 1809 (September 2018 Update) that have a specific subset of all “

Regional format
English ()

. Microsoft has successfully released update for Windows 10 version 1809


which fixes the error. The same issue occurs in Windows 10 Renderer 1903 In (released August 2019) as well as 20H2 In (released October 2020), although no buggy update has been released for Windows, be sure to follow these steps. Specify

For all versions of Windows 10 you are running, type “winver.exe” into that particular Windows Start menu and press Enter.

This issue occurs due to the use of locale format settingsand:

  • English (Sweden)
  • English (Denmark)
  • English (Netherlands)
  • English (Switzerland)
  • English (Germany)
  • English (Europe)
  • English (UK)
  • English (Belgium)
  • English (United States)
  • Dansk (Denmark)
    1. Open Start Menu
    2. Click on the settings gear.
    3. Click Update & Security
    4. Click Check for Updates.

    How do I fix runtime error when installing a game?

    If you normally can’t install an update or are trying to resolve a problem due to Windows v1903, you can work around this approach error:

    1. Open the Windows start menu and type “Regional Settings”, perhaps press Enter (screenshot below)
    2. Change the area format for any of the visible workspaces listed above, especially the dialog box.
    3. Run the installer and restart your computer when prompted.
    4. Restore original language in region settings.
    5. If there are different accounts on the computer, change the administrator account settings. Simply changing other credit account settings may not work. Solve the problem.

    I had the same problem when upgrading Windows Server from 9.21 to 9.22. I keep getting the following error in the logs.

    Error 1720. There was a problem with this critical Windows Installer package. The a script that was supposed to complete this installation did not run. Contact system personnel or package vendor. Custom Action initTomcatAsUpgrade.vbs Script Error -2146827864, Microsoft VBScript Runtime Nation Error: Object required: “Elem.firstChild”, line 322, column 3,

    I was actually able to enter the MSI file with the Orca tool and also extract the initTomcatAsUpgrade.vbs file to see what was causing the particular error. Here’s what I found.

    How do you fix this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way?

    It appears that during installation a location XML file named “com.jamfsoftware.jss.settings.xml” is configured in the WindowsTemp directory. The initTomcatAsUpgrade.vbs script then tries to set memory sharing for Java with the following code based on the ethics of reading and .

    getTagValue(xmltag) function
    Dim xmlDoc, xmlPath
    xmlCol, xmlPath isen tempFolderPath & “” & jssSettingsBackupFile
    Set xmlDoc to createobject(“Microsoft.XMLDOM”)
    match xmlCol = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName(xmltag)
    xmlDoc.async is false

    How do I fix Windows runtime errors?

    For each xmlCol element
    getTagValue is equivalent to Elem.firstChild.nodeValue ‘* ERROR OCCURING HERE
    output function

    How do I fix Windows runtime errors?

    Set xmlCol = nothing
    Set xmlDoc = Nothing
    End of function

    As mentioned above, the error occurs when reading values. I posted my own test vbs script and found that the xml values ​​ or are not used (““), an error occurs and that’s enough. If you enter a large value there, such as “256“, then the game will complete successfully. The default values ​​in this initTomcatAsUpgrade.vbs script are 256 for minHeap and 1024 for maxHeap.

    What I did was definitely right, but it worked. I did the following:
    – I went to the important Windows emp directory and found the file “com.jamfsoftware.jss.settings.xml”.
    – Copy it to “JAMFSettings.xml”.
    – Changed the JAMFSettings.xml file so that the file values ​​are properly placed in the minHeap and maxHeap xml nodes.
    1) In the command window, I copied the JAMFSettings.xml file to each com.jamfsoftware.jss.settings.xml file. This placed fthe actual command to the command buffer with the cmd window, so I could quickly run it again.
    – I restarted each of our installations. After the build is run, the new existing com.jamfsoftware.jss.settings.xml file is overwritten with a file with empty values.
    Once the installation started, I started copying and merging the JAMFSettings.xml file with the “com.jamfsoftware.jss.settings.xml” file to quickly overwrite the newly created file before it crashed.
    – After that, the construction was successfully completed.

    Why do I keep getting a runtime error?

    How do I fix runtime error when installing a game?