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How to set Google as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft don’t let users to manually select and configure Search Engine URL but it is still relatively easy for users to change default search engine to Google.

To change default search engine in Microsoft edge to Google, follow the simple steps mentioned below-

STEP 1– Once navigate “google.com”, so that it can automatically get detected while choosing the default search engine from the list.

STEP 2– Click on the three dots(…) button and navigate to the Edge settings.

STEP 3– Click on the View Advanced option.

STEP 4– Navigate to the option stated “ Search in the address bar with…”

STEP 5– Click on “Change Search Engine” button, it will reflect a list of search engine whose homepage has been visited – in our case – Google.

STEP 6– Select Google to set as default Search Engine.

These are the simple steps involved by the virtue of which one can change the default search engine to Google in Microsoft Edge.

Google as Homepage in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10-

Microsoft Edge browser uses Bing as default homepage, but it depends on the priority or choice to prefer Google or other homepage in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft edge is capable of using any search engine that support “OpenSearch” as it default. The Microsoft Edge web browser is a big new feature introduced in Windows 10. But due to years of usage of other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, many users may face difficulty in finding certain option and settings in the new Edge interface.

Many users don’t want Bing as default browser and would prefer Microsoft edge to show Google website when launched. The way that Microsoft allows users to set default homepage as Google is little confusing. Here in this article we will go through the steps required in setting Google as homepage in Microsoft Edge.

Follow the steps mentioned below-

STEP 1– Launch Microsoft Edge and click on Action button i.e. the dots(…) option available on the upper right corner of the window. A drop down window appears.

STEP 2- Click on the SETTINGS option available in the drop down menu.

STEP 3– In the Settings option these is a section labeled as “OpenWith” .This is the place where user can specify what to show when browser is launched. The default option is set to “StartPage”. Now to set a homepage or custom start page, click on “A Specific Page or Pages” option available, and in the dropdown option below, choose “Custom” as shown in the screenshot below.

STEP 4– Next option available in the box is named “Enter a web address” type “google.com” as you want Edge to start with and also click on the plus icon, right of the URL feedbox to add new start page to the list.

These are the simple steps required in setting Google as homepage in Microsoft Edge environment. Just close the browser once and re-open it to explore Google as homepage

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