Repair steps How to repair a computer

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May work You enjoy the benefits of being connected and shopping online without worrying about security risks. At McAfee, we work hard on security, use digital technology relentlessly, and continue stay several steps ahead of attackers. Every second of every morning, we focus on protecting one thing: your digital life so that, according to experts, you can safely surf, shop and play online.

Keep viruses like malware

High performance scanning engine (ENHANCED). We’ve developed our next generation scan engine to protect your computer from the most desirable viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and upcoming threats. array shuts down your computer.

Safe search and purchase (IMPROVED). With color-coded icons in every search result, including popular social media auctions, you’ll know the site you’re visiting is safe.

Digital Data Message (IMPROVED) – We’re inWe provide detailed information about the location of the blocked IP address and what makes the connection dangerous.

Home screen Do you have a touch screen device? Our new Home Movie is designed to be used with only one of these devices. It works great with the rail when the mouse is stationary, making it easy to perform common security tasks on any device.

Security. We’ve redesigned the security report to provide you with the information you need in a compelling and compelling way. The new report conveniently includes images and links for a great and easy to understand overview of current issues in the security world.

Protection against vulnerabilities. operating systems When systems and programs become obsolete, everyone can be vulnerable to threats. Vulnerability Scanner now checks for missing updates on your PC and then offers solutions to protect you.

Protection against pop-up windows and malicious ads. Websites never control ad campaigns that are not displayed. Sometimes you may think that you findNot dangerous ads on a website you trust every day. McAfee simply blocks suspicious malicious ads to protect you

This Article Provides Information About Installing, Using, And Removing Antivirus Software Provided Or Sold By Dell. It Is Then Broken Down By Year Of Exit From The Program. Show Less
This Article Contains Information About Installing, Using, And Uninstalling Each Antivirus Program Provided Or Sold By Dell. It Is Then Broken Down By Year Of Exit From The Program.