How to fix a laptop that won’t connect to WiFi

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Unplug the power cord to get to the router from the runtime source.
Disconnect the computer’s power cord from the power source.
Wait at least 30 seconds.
Reconnect the modem to the power source.
Reconnect the router to a power source.
Try logging into your computer again.

Disconnect the power cord of this router directly from the power source.
Disconnect the modem’s power connector from the power source.
Wait at least 30 minutes.
Connect the modem to a power source.
Reconnect your home router to the generator.
Try logging into your computer again.

Press the button > Start > Settings > Network > Status. Open & Network – Internet Status Settings.
Under “Change network settings” select “Network” troubleshooter.
Follow the instructions in the troubleshooter and see if that solves the problem.



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only 0x7F

Explanation of recent execution code results

Task Scheduler published on Windows Server | 14 comments | views 118 127 | 2009-06-05 23:13

Here are some of the previous execution codes for successful workout planning:

(0x1): not found or location not found.
(0x41301): The task is still running.
(0x800704DD): The user did not connect to this particular network.

I will add more when I reach (14)

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March 22, 2011

…some additional runtime code for the last run of the task scheduler…

The task will not run at the scheduled time because it is disabled.

The task just hasn’t started yet.

For this taskNo other execution is planned.

A number of properties required for this process to run on schedule have not yet been set.0x00041306

sched_s_task_terminated: Your user’s task has terminated.


April 4, 2011 approx
23:46:12 To


What is 0x41325?

Thank you


July 18, 2011
12:09:43 pm

How do I fix no Internet connection?

Reboot your good device.
Open the “Settings” app, but also “Network tap and Internet” or “Connections”. Depending on the device, these options may vary. Turn on Wi-Fi data without mobile phones and see if there is a difference. If not, turn off mobile data, turn on and check Wi-Fi again.

Thank you for this. **cr** **cr**

How do I get my internet back online?

Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Step One is to rule out any general problems with your ISP.
restart your destination network bridge. Locate your cable/DSL device or T-1 router and turn it off.
Ping your router. In the market, try to ping the IP address of your router.

Do you know the meaning of the text In (0x2)?
not the MSDN document above.

found this type v. hard to find confirmation of what codes are given in the emergency help file=windows-server v. useful (not) means.



19. July 2011

Hi Zhenya,

What is an operating system? do you have windows server 2008 r2 too? Are you sure you’re trying to run? so (0x2) looks like your executable can’t find the file you specified.



26. July 2011

Yes, windows is server 2008 R2.

The job runs a script, a data file, an executable program created by our software company. The work itself seems to be in order anyway (i.e. the files are informed, etc.).

Assume there is a “default” response, i.e. (0x02).



The 13th 2013
August 04:52:58

what about 0xC0000142


7. April 2014

Reply to an old one (August 2013 thought)… But hey!!!

Research has shown that error 0xC0000142 is commonly associated with “The program cannot be connected to run” errors, and is also often caused by corrupted Windows system files or common readabilitydatatable=”0″>.

Chains of Shiva


00:38:57 , This is in


17. 2015
09:45:53 0x0: June

0 or operation completed successfully.
1 or 0x1: Invalid capability called or an unknown function has been called. can Or
2 will be 0x2: file not found.
10 else 0xa: invalid environment.
0x41300: The Task will run at the next scheduled time.
0x41301: The task was previously running.
0x41302: Task disabled. possibly
0x41303: The task has not been completed yet.
0x41304: This task is scheduled.
0x41306: Task is ending.
0x8004130F: Credentials changed (*)
0x8004131F: The instance of this task is corrupted.
0x800704DD: The service is not too available (Is “Run when only user logs on” enabled?)
0xC000013A: The application was aborted due to CTRL+C being pressed.
0xC06D007E: Unknown software exception.


24. April 2019

Here are some that I can get from different websites

0 Operation completed successfully.
1 Invalid function called, unknown or callable function.
2 File not found.
10 The weather is bad.
41300: Ready Task to run at the next allowed time.
41301 The task is running.
41302 Quest suggestions are disabled.
41303 The task has not been completed at the moment.
41304 This task is no longer configured to run. Or
41305 Another one of the greatest qualities you will need for this execution task, the art of crimping has not yet been practiced.
41306 The last execution target was aborted by the user.
41307 Either the task has no triggers, triggers are either currently disabled or not defined at all.
Event Trigger
41308 Runtimes are not defined.
41325 The Task Scheduler service must request that a task be started. Call
80010002 has been reported as a lost task filter
80041309 No spark detected.
80041310 Failed to create the specified account.
80041311 Task Scheduler alert database corruption detected
80041312 Task Scheduler security services are probably only available on Windows NT.
80041313 Task topic version is not supported or invalid sometimes.
80041314 The task was configured with an unsupported combination of account settings and run settings.
80041315 The Task Scheduler service has not started.
80041316 The first XML exercise contains an unexpected node.
80041317 The XML position contains the correct
element or attribute in unexpected namespace.First
80041318 An XML action contains a value whose value is malformed or out of range.
80041319 The task XML file is missing an element or a directional attribute.
80041320 The task does not always run because the user does not need to sign in.
80041321 The corrupted task screen has changed or has been changed.
80041322 The Task Scheduler service is unavailable.
80041323 The Task Scheduler service is too busy processing your request. Please try again later.
80041324 The Service Task Scheduler attempted to execute the task, but the action was not completed due to task definition restrictions.
80041326 The task has been disabled.
80041327 Step properties are incompatible with previous versions of Windows.
80041328 Task buildings do not allow a task to run after a request.
0004131B The task is frequently saved, but all unselected triggers start the task.
0004131C The task has been saved but may not be started. The package requires permission to connect to ensure that the subject of the task is enabled. Or
8004130 the person neededmost of the properties, and he completed this task not so long ago.
8004130B Tasks for no running instance.
8004130c Task Scheduler is not installed on the Idea machine.