Help and advice for computer repair

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Define the problem.
Establish the principle of probable cause.
Check out the root cause theory.
Make an action plan to solve the problem and implement the solution.
Check the general characteristics of the system and take precautions if necessary.


With the exception of Dell and Mac, the manufacturer of the motherboard or computer is usually not the manufacturer of the BIOS. Find your current manufacturer’s BIOS for your computer motherboard, then select the appropriate link directly below to view the knowledgesound code.

Some of the short phone numbers beep during BIOS startup, when memory, cache, or processor fatal errors often occur. There are many styles of beeps, codes, and Phoenix BIOS codes as long beeps and short beeps in groups. The following beep codes are specific to the AMI BIOS. This must include older codes for this BIOS. See


1 beep – update error

2 – beep parity error

3 memory error beeps (first 64 KB)

4 – timer error signal

5 – beeps Processor error

6 – Beep Keyboard Controller Error

7 – beeps an exception error in virtual mode

8 – Beeps indicate a memory error

9 – ROM BIOS checksum error beeps

10 – Beeps CMOS stop register error

11 – sound signal L2 about the lack of cache

Continuous – memory beep or video error

Troubleshooting BIOS Beeps

BIOS performs self-testsPower On Post (POST) when the system is turned on. Test it to make sure the system is working properly and gather information about the contents of the system. Usually, when a new problem is identified via POST, the BIOS will issue an error message. However, in some cases the problem occurs so early that the BIOS cannot even access the graphics card to print a specific message! In this case, the BIOS plays a speaker beep so you know exactly what the problem is.

The exact result of the beeps depends on the type and version of your BIOS. Two extremely popular BIOS types are And Award American Megatrends (AMI). Company website and other technical support information.

Note. A single beep during boot, usually before a new BIOS screen appears, is normal and therefore does not indicate an error while the boot process continues.

Beep codes may display several unusual patterns depending on the BIOS you are using. Some BIOSes use very simple beep codes with a continuous set of differentLots of immediate beeps, while others may mix individual terms with long beeps.

Sound scripts vary by BIOS manufacturer. Below are the beep codes for two popular BIOS

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How do I learn to fix computers?

Start high school. Of course, it is not necessary to help you start learning computer repair in high school.
Think college or trade school.
Take additional courses.
Apply for a job.
Gain experience.


Some short beeps emitted by the BIOS during startup when a memory, cache, or processor error occurs. There are many beeps, code, and Phoenix BIOS codes are long and short beeps that sound in groups. The following beep codes are specific to the AMI BIOS. There are additional rules for this non-BIOS contribution. See

1 beep – update error
2 beeps – parity error
3 beeps – memory error (first 64 KB)
4 beeps – timer error
5 beeps – processor error
6 beeps – keyboard controller error
7 beeps – virtual mode error
8 pussilent beeps – indicate memory errors
9 beeps – BIOS ROM checksum error
10 beeps – CMOS stop register error
11 beeps – L2 cache error
Continuous beeps – Memory or video error

Is Your Workstation Beeping? Here’s What To Do

This account explains to find out why your computer is beeping by figuring out the nature of the beeping sound, identifying your personal BIOS manufacturer, and looking for additional guidance online.

How To Fix Positive Errors In Audio Codes

If your site hears beeps after the computer boots up – and it doesn’t always boot up – it means the motherboard ran into a problem before you could send help and troubleshooting tips in front of the monitor.

Follow the steps below to determine which computer problem our own beep is. Once you know what’s going on, you can try to fix the problem.

  1. Turn on your computer oftenTer or reboot it if it is already enabled.

  2. Listen carefully for this beep that sounds when the computer starts to boot.

    How do you fix a computer that won’t start up?

    Try a different power source.
    Check your trusted monitor connection.
    Turn off your devices.
    Hear the beeps.
    Start your computer in safe mode.
    Restore your computer if you need previous settings.
    Look for less competent applications.
    Disconnect USB devices.

    Restart your computer if you hear the typical beep again. Chances are you’ll exacerbate any problem if you reboot it at least once.

  3. Notice how the bells ring in a way that “makes sense” to you.

    Be sure to number the chimes used, whether they are long or short (or all about the same length), and whether the chimes are repeated. There is a big difference between “beep-beep-beep” and a specific “beep-beep”.

    Yes, this may all sound a little crazy, but it’s important information to help you find alternatives to the sold beep codes. If you make a mistake, you will surely try to solve a ricochet that is not on your computer and miss the real one.