PS2 network adapter not working

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:angry: I recently moved in and installed my wired internet in a nice new house. My PS2, games and network adapter will be moved by myself so that no one will be harmed. After reinstalling the internet in my new home, I tried to connect to enjoy Madden. Also, when connected, it stays there and never connects to my ISP (COMCAST). But before I moved, I got the small computer and PS2 to work without any problems. without stuttering about your life or any difficulties. So, in a state of frustration when I reinstalled my network adapter on this PS2 and tried again… nothing… found out that the adapter just didn’t connect to my modem when it needed to. My computer runs on Flash and has no connection problems. PS2 connects thEthernet cut. Help me, this is often very frustrating and I want to help you solve this problem. is it a switch (should replace comcast)? Is this the cable I’m using (I’ve used multiple ethernet cables and still nothing)? Can I securely connect PS2 via hardware? PLEASE HELP :woot:THANKS D

The computer is moving and connecting. Typically, you cannot use the Ethernet flash port on a cable hub at the same time. If you want to connect to the system in real time, unplug the remote USB cable from the modem to make sure only the primary Xbox is connected. If you want to use a real computerter, just plug your USB TV back in and that should do the trick. An easier way is to purchase an Xbox-enabled cable/DSL modem. List of supported routers

;) Thanks for the info, even though I have a PS2 and not a specific Xbox. Also, I’ve learned both at the same time for a few hundred times, so I’m confused .:blank:

:blink:I tested one product but got nothing. Should I visit comcast? Could it be my husband and my internet modem? is this the beginning of the end? Need a new modem? :yeah: