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How to Use Alarms in Windows 10

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Windows really looks after needs of their user like some people who always use to stuck to their laptop or pc. They might be computer addicts, gamer or a developer. They always prefer to be with their laptop and pc and also want to sleep  with it and wake up with it. For this kind of people Windows has bring a new feature Alarms and clock in their operating system.Actually this app was introduced in windows mobile 10 by Microsoft and then they pushed it forward to their computer version. So it clearly seems that Microsoft is moving ahead with their universal apps plan which will erase the thin border line between their mobile platforms and computer platforms.

If you want to use alarm in your windows 10 and don’t know how to then today in this step by step guide we will guide you how to use and set alarms in windows 10.


Step 1:-

Click on the  start button at left corner of your desktop and then click on All apps (you will find this in category “A”). Now you will see app Alarms and clock  at the top. Click on it.

Step 2:-

Here you will see different options like alarm, world clock, timer and stop watch. To set an alarm click on Alarm icon.

Step 3:-

After clicking on that exiting alarm it will show different settings you can manage as per your needs like alarm name, time, alarm repeat, sound and snooze time. we will look at all this settings next but first lets start with edit the alarm time.

Step 4:-

To set time for your alarm click the tab shown under time. Here you can set Hour which one is the first row then minute which is second one and third one is to set your alarm for AM or PM. After setting up your time click on √ icon to confirm.

Step 5:-

Now after setting up time and confirming it to start that alarm you have to save it. To save the alarm look at down the screen you will find a floppy disk icon. Click on that icon to save your alarm and start it.

And you are done. You can also use multiple alarm if you want to and also if you are doing multiple things simultaneously and want to get remind of every of it. Now we will see how to add multiple alarms.

As you can see on the alarms and clock app after selecting Alarms icon you will find + sign at right bottom corner all you have to do is just to click it and add new alarm with previous alarm you had before.

Now we will see what those alarm name, time, alarm repeat, sound and snooze time settings are foe and they can help you.


Alarm Name:- If you are setting your alarm for a special purpose or work then you can name your current alarm with this option e.g. “wake up alarm” or “Exercise alarm”

Time:- You can set up your alarm time here as mentioned above in this article.

Repeat:- If you are doing any regular activity and putting this alarm to remind that every time then you can use this option.

Sound:-  You can select your favourite sound for your alarm here with this option.

Snooze Time:- If you are like those ones who can not wake up with just one alarm call then this option is for you. Here you can set the snooze time at what interval of time should alarm play again until you finally shut it.

Now you are all set to use your computer or laptop with windows 10 as your alarm clock and hope this guide helped you to do that.

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