Windows 10: Remote Desktop Connection Issues

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I have our software installation and configuration steps during the hortonworks odbc driver guide for Windows 7, but I’m using Windows 10.

After setting the parameters to the values ​​specified in the PDF, I plan to test the configuration and get the following error message:

I don’t know why I’m getting this message, maybe it’s a great corporate proxy effect?

  1. Remote Desktop AM Connection Issues

    I needed to install the Hive Fabric client on my personal computer for your work, but when I try to connect to Hive and access the remote desktop, I get a pop-up message that the remote desktop probably cannot connect to the remote computer the following reasons. ; -remote machine is turned off -remote machine is really not available on the network -remote access to the server is definitely enabled Why is access to Hive blocked, but to which application???? Please


  2. Remote Desktop Connection Issues

    Has your family tried remote desktop connection and kept coming back to connect from a Windows 10 PC desktop to a Windows 7 desktop? Try it first, post and let us know how it went.

    Some others, as you mentioned, may be new to *blink Distance. Our mom’s Windows 7 guides, Seven Forums site:

    1. On a Windows 7 desktop, set the network location to “Personal” or “Work” (recommended “Work”):
      • Network location listed as home, work, or public network – Windows 7 Help Forums
    2. On a Windows 7 desktop, allow incoming PC Remote Assistance connections:
      • Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) – Networking – Windows 7 Help Forums
    3. On your Windows 7 desktop, find the actual IP address:
      • IP address – also find your hard drive – Windows 7 Help Forums
    4. On a Windows 10 laptop, launch Remote Desktop ul and connect to your Windows 8 desktop using the IP address obtained in step 3 above (see part 3 of the tutorial):
      • RDC – Remote Connection to Windows PC – Windows 10 Forums 10
      • Please note that while the tutorial was written for Windows 10, it also applies to Windows 7.

    Try the above strategies, post which worked.

  3. Remote Desktop Connection Issues


    One of the main reasons why you have problems with remote access to your computer is related to the configuration of Spaces. We invite you to refer to the article:

    How to use Desktop

    Remote and follow the on-screen instructions. Link

    To resolve issues with resetting the Windows environment and local group policy to default, do the following:

  4. Press Windows Key + X > Go to Controls Panel.
  5. In the “View:” drop-down menu, youtake “Small Panels”.
    > Click Firewall Window.
  6. In the sidebar, click Trash Restore Defaults.
  7. Usually follow the instructions on the screen.
  8. To restore the default Windows Local Group Policy:

  9. Press enter key R + > type gpedit.msc
  10. Navigate to the path before the left section: Local Computer Policy Computer
    configuration > Administrative Templates
    All options
  11. in the most appropriate sidebar, specify sort operators set > redirect
    Enabled/Disabled in Not Configured > Apply Settings.
  12. Repeat the same for the path: computer local policy> >
    Users Administrative Templates > Configuration
    All parameters.Know
  13. let us know what happens after the suggested troubleshooting steps.

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