Remember Passwords in Microsoft edge – Manage Saved Passwords

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Microsoft Edge :-

Microsoft Edge is a newly designed browser added in Windows 10, and is now available among the Windows 10 family, replacing Internet Explorer as default browser on all devices. The browser works perfectly fine and do not consume to much of memory unlike some of the most popular browsers. Microsoft Edge is fast, compatible, and is built to perform operations based on the modern web.

How to view save passwords in Microsoft edge:-

When users visit a website that requires a sign in process, Microsoft will ask if you want to save username and password. The next time user visit the website, the Microsoft Edge will finish filling in the details automatically. Password saving is on by default, but methods are available in the advanced setting to turn it on or off. Many users save password for Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and related other email client or other websites while logging in using Microsoft Edge browser. Well all the saved passwords can be viewed from the Microsoft credential manager, If you are not sure how to do it, here are the few simple steps mentioned below which can help a user in retrieving their saved passwords in no time. Saving the password is recommended only if you are single user using the PC. Nevertheless if user wants to view the password, it can be viewed in credential manager in control panel.

The Web credentials, as per its name it saves/stores users web credential details such as Username, Password, URL, etc..

The Windows credentials stores the system credentials like admin account details, WiFi or Internet details. There are also options to add credentials related to some other activities and save it.

Now to view Username or Password saved in Microsoft edge, user should navigate through “Credential Manager”, here are the steps for doing it-

STEP 1– Go to the Settings option

Settings option is available on the top right corner of the browser(…)



Step 2– Go to Advance Setting

View Advanced setting option available in the settings.




Step 3– In Advanced settings, under Privacy and Services, there is a option available “Offer to save password”, it should be turned On if user want the passwords to be remembered in Microsoft edge or turn it Off if user don’t want their passwords to be remembered.



Turning off the option available here do not delete previously saved password, to do that user need to go to Settings, select Choose what to clear and under Clear browsing data, and then choose password to delete.

Step 4– Users can also manage their password by clicking on “Manage my saved passwords” located just below the Privacy and Services(Step 3).



These are few simple steps used to manage password or credentials in Windows Edge.