How to get help with file explorer in windows 10

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File Explorer is certainly the crucial part of Windows 10 OS. While it has been around for a long time now, still many users are not sure about how to get help with file explorer in Windows 10. This article will explain how they can get help.

Learn to modify Quick Access

The quick access toolbar is the most common toolbar that you access frequently. The folders you use are seen on the file explorer’s main screen. In such cases quick access toolbar offers the best way to open the folders that needs a couple of steps otherwise but can be done on a single click using the toolbar.

If you want to open a particular folder that you wish to view on quick access toolbar, then follow the simple steps.

In Windows 10- Just right click and pick the folder you want to place on quick access toolbar.

Choose Pin option that you see in drop down menu to add to quick access.

That’s it. It’s done.

Now you can pick the folder from quick access toolbar.

If you want to remove the folder from quick access toolbar, simply choose the option Unpin.

File Explorer stop responding in Windows 10 during right clicks

In case the File explorer stops responding when you try to right click, then you can resolve the problem by following the steps given below

Press- Windows key + X together from keyboard and then select the option – Command Prompt (Admin) from the list that appears on your screen.

Type the command – netsh in the command prompt window and then press Enter. Type – winstock reset in the same window and press – Enter.

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Once the operation is finished you can choose to restart your PC.

Follow the sequence – Start button—Settings—Update &Security. Select – Windows Update located on the left pane. Now choose- Update history located at the right pane.

Now select- uninstall updates.

If you get to view update – KB3081449 or KB3081448, then just right click on it and select- Uninstall. Now restart your PC.

One drive – Service on file explorer

One drive is an excellent service for file hosting where you can easily store your files or data via file explorer. The service is managed by Microsoft itself and you need to have Microsoft account to avail this service.