How do I Sync my Settings in Windows 10

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In Windows 10 when Sync is turned On, Windows keep track of the settings cared by the user and sets them for further use on Windows 10 devices, means Sync settings is an important feature in Windows 10 which helps in synchronizing the users device setting (Personalized Settings) to any PC logged in, using Microsoft account. This feature has proved useful with the users having multiple devices with Windows Operating System. Windows Synchronization helps a lot in saving large amount of time of the users. The Synchronization settings have improved a lot from Windows 8 to Windows 10 and are available in more consolidated format in Windows 10. Most users upgrade to Windows 10, from Windows 7 & 8, so it is necessary to know the useful options available on Windows 10 platform.

Sync Settings in Windows 10(Customization)-

If User wants to sync settings in Windows 10, they must login through Microsoft account as synchronization totally depends on this process and with the same Microsoft account user can log in to any device with Windows 10 Operating System to have access to all the setting and can perform task/work with ease. By default the sync settings in Windows 10 is turned “On”.

Syncing Setting in Windows is easy. Here we will go through, what are these settings and how synchronization is accomplished in Windows 10.

Steps involved in synchronizing settings in Windows 10-

STEP 1– Go to Start button > Settings.

STEP 2– Click on the ACCOUNTS option available in settings.

All the available options for synchronizing settings in Windows 10 are available in this panel.

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STEP 3– Login to Microsoft account

Go to Your email and accounts option available on the top left pane inside Accounts menu. Here User login with their credential into Microsoft account, or else all option available in the account menu will be greyed out so it is very necessary to login to Microsoft account in order to synchronize any settings in Windows 10.

STEP 4– Account > Sync your settings

After logging into Microsoft account, go back to the Accounts section and click on Sync your settings available on the left pane of the account menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Now there are two available options for syncing the settings.

STEP 4(a)  Synchronize all settings for Windows 10-

Here If we move the slider available just under “Sync settings” it will turn On, and once turned On it will start synchronizing all the personalized settings automatically. And same can be used for turning OFF all synchronizing settings, which will thereby stop syncing settings automatically.

STEP 4(b)- Individual Sync Settings-

Here in this option user can set individual settings to On or OFF like password, themes, languages etc. These can be turned on or off based on the need and requirements.

These are few simple steps involved in synchronizing settings on Windows 10 platform. Lot more information is presented over Windows 10 available features and functionalities on .