How to change the default search engine in Microsoft edge

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Search Engine– It is a program that searches and identifies items in database that corresponds to the search specified by the users, over World Wide Web (www).

Default Search Engine- Windows Edge is the newly designed browser added in Windows 10, replacing Internet Explorer as default browser. In Windows Edge, new modern web browser comes with Bing as its default browser, it won’t surprise anyone, some people will be happier with the availability of this choice but others will prefer to use some different browser like Google. Keeping Bing as default search engine provides enhanced search experience in Windows Edge, such as direct link to Windows 10 app, more relevant suggestions are available, etc..


Steps for Changing the default search engine in Microsoft Edge:-

Changing the default search engine in Windows Edge is simple and do not consume much time of the user in doing so. User can change the default search engine to any site that uses open search technology and continue browsing. Search engine are very personal affair and have very strong opinion about their preference. Mentioned below are the steps involved in changing the default search engine in Windows edge-

Step 1– Launch Microsoft Edge from task bar or start menu.


Step 2– Open Microsoft Edge settings Menu.

Settings option is available on the top right corner denoted with three dots(…). Once the menu option opens find setting at the bottom of the menu list and select it to continue.


Step 3– Open/Go to Microsoft Edge Advanced Setting menu.

User must scroll down the menu to find View Advanced Settings option near the bottom and click on it to open the advanced menu option.

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Step 4– Open/ Go to Change search engine menu.

When we go through half way down the advanced menu settings list, we will find Change Search Engine . Just tap or click the link to open change search engine menu.


Step 5– Change/Select Microsoft Edge default Search engine.

Here is the place where a user can change default search engine in Microsoft Edge. There is a list of sites which user has previously browsed in Microsoft Edge that can be set as default search engine. If the users favorite do not appear in the list then user must go back to the main Microsoft Edge window and visit the particular website so that Microsoft Edge can discover it, once it is done just follow the basic steps mentioned above to choose default search engine.


Once the User has selected the default search engine as mentioned above then just click “Set as default”. Once this is done, any searches done from the address bar in Microsoft Edge, will use the new search engine of users choice set as default.

The search engine must be compatible with OpenSearch standards to meet the function as a default search engine in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge has been getting lot of attention since it has been announced as successor to infamous and degrading Internet Explorer. With more upcoming features, it may be a force to be reckoned with.