How to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc

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These are one of the components of Microsoft Windows that allows a user to take control of a remote computer or VM( Virtual Machine) via network connection. With remote desktop services only software user interface are sent or transferred to the client system. Terminal server is the server component of Remote Desktop Services.

Uses and Requirements-

People may come across sometimes that they are sitting on one system and require data or information present on some other computer or in big organizations colleagues sitting in different part of the world can seek or ask for help, and here comes the best use of remote Desktop Services. With the help of this service you can access system or computer located at different places. This requires simple steps in order to establish remote desktop connection which is demonstrated below for the pure Windows environment. It makes it easy to connect from one device or PC to another to retrieve files/information or provide PC support.

STEP 1- How to use Remote Desktop Connections in Windows 10-

To use feature of Remote Desktop user need to allow remote access to the target PC, The remote desktop feature is disabled by default and to turn this feature “ON”, Open File Explorer, search for This PC, right click it to view the menu. Go to System properties > Remote tab, and make sure that “Allow remote connections to this computer” is selected and uncheck the box for “Only allow connections from computer running remote desktop with network level authentication”, as it can make the process more complicated and restricted if the user want this feature can also be kept active for enhanced security but may complicate the setup process (Do as desired). Click Apply and OK.

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STEP 2- Finding IP address to establish Remote desktop connection-

Before we can connect to the target PC, we need to know the IP address, so that it can be detected on the network. To get the IP address open Command Prompt (cmd) and type ipconfig and press Enter. Various information’s comes up in the CMD box but we need to note down the IPv4 address, as that is the target IP we are looking for, also if user is connected to home network user should open up the browser and in the address bar type what is my ip addess, and make note of it.


STEP 3- Connecting to another PC on the local network using remote desktop connection-

Once the target PC is set up to allow access, Open Start menu > search remote desktop > select Remote Desktop Connection, Remote connection box appears where we need to fill the IP address of the connecting system and after entering the valid IP address click connect, It will prompt for Username and Password, and after entering the credentials the user will be in total control of the other system as if sitting in front of it, and explore all the features and functionalities of  the remotely connected system.


STEP 4(Optional)- If after feeding the credentials, user get any security message, Click Connect and explore the functionality of Remote Desktop Services.

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