How do I know whether to trust a website in Microsoft Edge

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Nowadays approximately over 75% of total world population is going online for different kind of purposes as per their own needs like to browse, shop online, watch any news or anything but whenever they browse to a new source i.e. a new website then they really don’t know whether that website or website source is really genuine to fulfil their needs or just a spam or any other threat included website. In today’s world there are lots of people are there who can earn negative benefits of people’s ignorance about web security. You may wondering how they can harm you so I must tell you there are many different ways mostly all websites wont harm you or your computer directly but still they can harass you through posting spams or inserting malware or adware which can still your personal data from your computer or may slow down it by showing lots of popups during you browse anything on your web browser. So now you must be thinking that how to know whether to trust a website in Microsoft Edge if you have recently upgraded your pc to windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge as your primary or default browser.

Before going onto that topic first let me tell you that unlike internet explorer which used to be integrated in windows platform this Microsoft Edge is an universal app which runs in sandbox mode. now you will wonder what is sandbox mode then let me tell you that it is a security term in software platform which operates any app such as Microsoft Edge in a contained atmosphere so that that apps wont make or harm any other software while it is running so this is very essential for maintain security and stability of operating system and your computer. So this is a short intro about Microsoft Edge and its running security environment now we will tell you while browsing on it how will you know that whether to trust any website you are browsing on Microsoft Edge.

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There are three indications which are shown in Microsoft Edge while you browse any website through it which are as follows.

(1) The grey lock icon appears on the left of website address which shown in the address bar of the Microsoft Edge

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(2) The green lock icon appears as mentioned above

(3) No lock icon shown besides the website address you want to access.

Now we will look all above things separately with examples in our following post as you might wonder what those grey, green and no lock icon what really meant of.

(1) First lets start with grey lock icon. This grey icon suggest that the website you are trying to access is encrypted and no other third party except you and the website server could see it or trace it. Lets see it with an example. Open your Microsoft Edge and type and go for it.

Here you will able to see the grey lock icon on the left side of website’s address click on it to get further more details about it.

Here you will able to see that the website you are accessing is encrypted by its sever which means no other third party people or app would able to see your information you are accessing or transferring through this website. Mostly famous social networking sites and social platforms use this kind of encryption.

(2) Now we will see what green lock icon means when it appears when you access any website. This green icon suggests that this website uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer) to establish your connection with host e.g. website’s server and also having Extended Validation certificate which means not only your data is encrypted but this website is also genuine. For example type on your address bar and go for it.

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Here you will see green lock icon and if you click on it then it ill show website’s identification along with websites’ server location and its country as well. Mostly many world leading ecommerce websites and payment wallet hosting websites uses this SSL connection to make your purchases or money transfer safe, secure and encrypted.

(3) If you don’t see any lock icon besides your website address then its highly like to be hosted on shared severs and if they offer any ecommerce related service or hosting a social networking platform then it is highly recommended that you don’t go for it.

Hope this guide helped you well in order to understand How do you know whether to trust any website on Microsoft Edge.